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Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm bored!

Hey peeps so wats up?
I am so bored......
worlds within (search it on
i live for that show, i swear.
omg i hear crying!
who's crying??? hope not my fave character
im bored T^T
psh yeah right!
wait who am I talking to?
WOW im bored
so bored my ankle's cramping
i need to go to the mall
ow i think I'm geting a headache
you know what I just realized?
why waste my time typing randomly when I can watch Worlds Within?!
crap I'm stupid
(it's those stupid video games)
I played wii for 3 hours straight yesterday
Animal Crossing, and Super Smash Brother Brawl
Except my Lil' sis was totally kicking my ass
i mean butt
or bottom to make it sound smartical
u know wat smartical rhymes with?
*hint* think of those stupid science movies

what am i even saying?!
*gasp* WW is gonna end in a few minutes!
im sorry my friends, but I gtg
Hyun bin is waiting for me LOL


Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me!
happy birthday happy birthday
happy birthday to....


I just came back from the site iminlikewithyou
That thing is so addicting!
Another hour wasted on internet games......
tsk tsk

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Caught You!

Ha! I was walking with one of my best buddies Nat to algebra when I spotted a guy in my journalism class hugging his girlfriend. I went up to him and I'm all like, "Hey! I saw that!"
"What do you mean?"
"I saw! I saw! I saw!"
"What, you saw me kiss her?" (his face was red by now)
Kiss her? "OMG! You kissed her? I only saw you hug her!" He said something back at me but I was just laughing and walked away.
What was even funnier was when Nat said "He already got his first kiss before me? Wow, I thought I was the better looking one!"

Awkward Moment of the Day: OMG.....

Today's awkward moment:
I'm on my school's journalism, and I had to sell newspapers. I was getting desperate, so I went up to one guy in my English class with my arms wide open saying, "Best buddy! Hey, you wanna buy a newspaper?" He didn't reply to me, and I didn't get my sale. Oh well.
Well, later on we were workingon an assignment as partners, and he was partners with a guy that sits next to me. Then the guy I called best buddy tells me, "Oh my God, _______'s jealous cuz you were about to hug me!"
O_o. " Okay, first of all, I wasn't going to hug you! I was trying to sell newspaper!"
I turn around with this O_O look on my face. Ew! Like I would actually touch that guy.
But ____ jealous? That's hilarious. Later on when I dropped something and he picked it up for me, I couldn't help but crack up. He's always picking stuff up for me and my friends.
Well, that was awkward.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Me and my weird dreams

Ok I had this totally weird dream recently.
It involved a guy named......well let's just call him Mickey, ok?
Anyways, I was walking to school and I stopped by a convenience store by my old school. A little girl I was talking to in there ran out and got hit by a car! I got so scared so I began crying and screaming then I ran across the street. Soon i was at a private community near my school and Mickey was waiting there for me. I fainted in his arms (I was so super tired!) then when I gained consciousness I began crying again.
Me: OH MY GOSH MICKEY! I'm so sad!
Mickey: Tell me, what happened?
So I told him, and we walked on........
And he was either hugging me the whole way or he piggy-backed me. But then this other guy, a year younger than me, saw us while riding in his car!
Me: Holy shit! He saw! Now he's gonna think wrong! T_T
Mickey: Crappp......
He let go of me and we continued walking, but then somewhere along the way he reached out and held my hand! I'm all like inside of my head "WTF?!" but I pretended not to mind because he was so nice to me. Then at around 5 pm I guess (the sky was a pretty shade of purplish orange!) we arrived at a park near my home, and it was CROWDED! The I found my bestue Gwenifer there and he went away while I talked to her. My dream ended there. When I woke up, at first I was SUPER KILIG (Kiersten you would understand that ^^) but then I realized who it was I dream about and I WAS SOOO DISGUSTED! Why Mickey? I mean if it were someone else-
I didn't say anything.
Hehe, I have weird dreams, huh? ^^"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Lovely Family

Well actually they're my school friends, but still.........
here's a short description of them ^^

Mommy Jennifer- Screams and chases people a lot
Dad Kevin- Known for his awesome hair
Stepmom Christine- Always sad, or "sappy"
Sister Tina- Fantastic manga artist
Triplet Vivian- Has similar galsses and haircut as me
Triplet Linda- Also has similar glasses
Niece Sabrina- Adopted by Tina from abusive parents
Grandma Cassandra- Always needs her cane
Pet Hamster Andre- Think's he's either emo or Chewbacca
Pet Hamster Joey- An Andre follower
Pet Dog Vinh- Bites his sleeve a lot
Pet Cat Nathan- Has an awesome striped jacket
Pet Dolphin Christian- Always Hyper (possibly Sabrina's mother/father)
Pet Monkey Bao- Smartical and pervy (possibly Sabrina's mother)
Pet Squid Enkidu- Looks exactly like Christian (possibly Sabrina's father)
Gloomy Bear Gwen- Clumsy chocolate lover
Pervy Bear Nathalie- Random and funny
Family Friend Debbie- Says she's on crack

And what do we do for family bonding? Well, we scream a lot and annoy each other and mooch off of each other's lunches, basically fooling around. But we're always there for each other, whether one's crying or celebrating. That's what family is for!